Calcium is essential for the plant's growth process. It is very important in cell division and ensures a sturdy plant,as it promotes the firmness of cell walls and cell membranes. Magnesium is an indispensable element for plants. In plants, it forms a building block for chlorophyll (chlorophyll) and is therefore essential for photosynthesis. At the same time, magnesium plays an important role in the transfer of energy.

APPLICATION: Gout Calmag is very suitable for bringing soft water (EC below 0.4) to an EC value of 0.4/0.5. Soft water lacks calcium and magnesium as these are very important for the plant, so it is advisable to add them.

Also if you use a reverse osmosis filter for hard water (EC>0.5), the EC values will fall below 0.4, in this case too you can use Gout Calmag to raise the EC values to 0.4/0.5. Use and dosage: in normal water (EC 0.4/0.5) it is safe to add 0.2 ml per litre of water. (without risk of over-fertilisation)
Gebruik en dosering: bij normaal water (EC 0,4/0,5) kan veilig 0,2 ml per liter water toegevoegd worden. (zonder risico op overbemesting)

Contents: 0.5 liter e

Shake vigorously before use.

Precautions: over-fertilising has a negative effect on nature, soil and plants. Store frost-free, closed and in the dark! Keep out of reach of children. You can count on our service.
Vorstvrij, gesloten en donker bewaren! Buiten bereik van kinderen houden, U kunt rekenen op onze service.